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Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Vision

At Hangleton, we value mental health and physical health with same importance. We teach our children that although we can not always see how well someone’s mental health might be, we all have our own mental health that that we have a responsibility to tend and cared for. We want our children to understand that all the emotions we feel are valid and need to be met with curiosity, reflection and empathy. Developing the language to talk through these emotions is the key to managing our mental health and wellbeing. We want all of our children to understand the need for a personal ‘tool belt’ that gives us the resilience to navigate this journey. We equally understand that emotional resilience itself is a strategy that needs to be learnt, and we want to create a community that listens and that both children and staff have a clear network that they can access the appropriate support needed. Ultimately, we hope to equip our pupils with a strong understanding of what mental health and well being is and a clear set of strategies that work to support their own development and growth.


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