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The full Federation Board meets once or twice a term.  At these meetings, the governing body carries out its three core functions, as identified by the Department for Education in the Governors' Handbook:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent.

The current Chair of Governors is Jenny Barnard-Langston and the Vice Chair is Mark Goodson.  Minutes are published once they have been agreed by the governing body at the following meeting. Certain associated papers from the meetings are also available on request, although some will be confidential. Please contact the Clerk to Governors for further information.


Some specific functions are delegated to committees.

Teaching and Learning Committees

Each school has a Teaching and Learning committee overseeing matters specific to that school. Each committee meets once a term and reports to the Full Federation Board. The membership of each committee is not fewer than five governors plus the Head of School.

  • The Chair of the Benfield Teaching and Learning committee is Scott Theobold
  • The Chair of the Hangleton Teaching and Learning committee is Paul Goodson

Finance Working Party

The Finance working party operates within powers delegated from the Full Federation Board and provides advice, support and guidance to the Executive Headteacher and Governing Body on all matters relating to school finances.

The Finance working party reports to the Full Federation Board. The Lead Governor is Peter Jones.

School Performance Scrutiny Working Party

The purpose of the Working Party is to bring robust scrutiny to each of the schools against national and local data. The working party reports to the Full Federation Board.

The Lead Governor of this working party is Mariea Christodoulou.

Hangleton and Benfield Federation Governing Body

 Name  Role  Appointed by  App. Date  Term of Office
 Jenny Barnard-Langston  Co-opted  Governing Body  06.04.2021  06.04.2021 - 05.04.2025
 Mariea Christodoulou  Co-opted  Governing Body  06.04.2021  06.04.2021 - 05.04.2025
 Alana Cullen  Staff  Staff  20.09.2019  20.09.2019 - 19.09.2023
 Mark Goodson  Co-opted  Governing Body  06.04.2021  06.04.2021 - 05.04.2025
Peter Jones Parent Parents 15.11.2019 15.11.2019 - 14.11.2023
Harriet Keilthy  Co-opted Governing body  28.08.2020 28.08.2020 - 27.08.2024
 Emma Lake  Head teacher  By virtue of office  06.04.2017  06.04.2017 -
Rachel Milton Parent Parents 18.06.2021 18.06.2021 - 17.06.2025
Francesco Pettinato Co-opted Governing body  28.08.2020 28.08.2020 - 27.08.2024
 Scott Theobold  Co-opted  Governing body  06.04.2021  06.04.2021 - 05.04.2025
 Lesley Walker  Local Authority  Local Authority  06.04.2021  06.04.2021 - 05.04.2025
Paul Williams Co-opted Governing Body 21.05.2019 21.05.2019 - 20.05.2023
 Jennie Wylie  Co-opted  Governing Body  06.04.2021  06.04.2021 - 05.04.2025

Please click here to see Benfield and Hangleton Federation Governors' attendance 2021 -22

In the last 12 months we have also had the following members:

 Name  Role Appointed by  App. date  Term of Office  Date left Office 


Clive Bolton Co-opted Governing Body 06.04.2017 06.04.2017-05.04.2021 05.04.2021 89%
Lizzie Hawkins Co-opted Governing Body 15.11.2017

15.11.2017 - 14.11.2021

14.11.2021 25%
Heather Wood Co-opted Governing Body 21.05.2019 21.05.2019 - 20.05.2023 15.07.2021 14%


 Name  Form complete  Interest declared

Jenny Barnard-Langston


Consultant ESCC

Associate trainer B&H

National Leader of Governance

Justice of the Peace

Catherine Martin Trust (Trustee)

Tony Barnard Foundation (Trustee)

Director A1 (Sussex) Ltd

Director ARF Barnard

Chair - The Bluebell Federation

Interim Chair - SASF

Roedean School - Governor

Chair - BOAT

Chair - Shared Lives Panel

Mariea Christodoulou  Yes

Related to pupil at Hangleton Primary

Governor at Blatchington Mill School

Teacher at Seahaven Academy
Alana Cullen Yes

Teacher at Hangleton Primary

NEU Representative

Mark Goodson  Yes

Related to pupils at Hangleton Primary

Wife working as Supply Teacher at Hangleton Primary 
Peter Jones Yes Related to pupils at Hangleton
Harriet Keilthy Yes Related to pupils at Benfield
Emma Lake  Yes

Member of staff across Benfield and Hangleton Federation

Governor at Downlands Community School

National Leader in Education
Rachel Milton Yes

Related to pupils at Benfield

Works as teacher specialist for BHISS

Francesco Pettinato Yes None
Scott Theobold  Yes Related to pupil at Benfield Primary
Lesley Walker  Yes Teacher at Stanford Infant School
Paul Williams Yes

Related to pupils at Hangleton Primary

Wife employed as administrator at Hangleton Primary

Employed by Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (Public Body)
Heather Wood Yes None
Jennie Wylie  Yes

Related to pupil at Hangleton Primary

Works at Blatchington Mill School

What do school governors do?

Governors work with senior leaders in the strategic development of the school and in raising standards of achievement. Duties include setting the school’s vision, aims & objectives, approving the school budget and appointing the headteacher.

Governors must both support and challenge the headteacher, so need to gain an understanding of the school’s overall performance in order to explain its decisions and actions. They do this by attending regular meetings, carrying out school visits and meeting with senior leaders. They also attend training in order to keep up to date with the requirements of their role. Governors work as a team and make collective decisions.

becoming a school governor

If you are interested in becoming a school governor, please contact the Clerk to Governors for more information.

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