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15th September 2023

Hangleton News!

We are really excited to get things back to normal at school. It has been a fantastic couple of weeks and the children have settled really quickly into their new routines. The first week of term is our Learn to Lean week; an opportunity to hone our learning behaviours and refresh our mindful practices. There have also been lots of opportunities for the children to work together in groups with a focus on developing their oracy skills. This week we are back to the usual timetable, the children have taken this step in their strides. The atmosphere in the school has been calm and settled.

The School  priorities for this year are developing our Maths arithmetic skills, our writing accuracy and deepening our culture or our curriculum. Each newsletter will give a little up date on how we are doing and where we can see these areas improving.


This term we will be slowing down our teaching of writing, in order to improve our accuracy. We want our children to understand the value of punctuation, presentation and clarity, as well as exciting word choices and storytelling when we are trying to engage our reader.


In Maths we will be skilling up our children to be confident and accurate in their mental maths through learning quick and efficient methods, using the Maths Mastery approach. Timetables will also be a key part of this journey and a great way that you can support your children at home.


One of our school priorities this year is to further develop the culture of our curriculum to be increasingly diverse and inclusive. We believe that all of our pupils, staff and families should feel empowered to bring the fullest version of themselves to all that we do, remembering that we are All Different, All Equal, All Welcome.

Welcoming our newest learners!

We are so proud of how our new Reception classes have settled. The step to ‘big school’ is a massive journey for both the children and their parents. Our excellent team  in Reception have done a fantastic job ensuring that the children feel safe, happy and a sense of belonging.

We are Proud to be an Anti-Racist School

We are an anti-racist school and this means we work hard to robustly challenge racial inequality in all its forms. If this resonates with you or you would like to become more involved in this work, please join us as our next connect Coffee Morning on the 6/10/23 at 9am(details will be sent out)

We have launched our new Anti-Racism webpage available via the link on homepage!


Closing the Roads

We have been really impressed with how smoothly our road closure initiative has gone this week! There has been a marked difference in the calm and relaxed atmosphere this has brought to our school start. Thank you all for your support in making this work so well and to our local residents for their help too.

Northease Drive will be closed between 8.15-8.45 am  & 3.00-3.30pm. Please remember not to park across our neighbours’ driveways.

A Smooth Transition

Our Year Three children have blown us away this week with how ready they have been for the juniors. They have settled in quickly and now are bouncing into school without a worry. Parents are still welcome to come into the playground as they manage this change, however we encourage them to build up their children’s independence when this feels right.

Meet Our Safeguarding Team

If you have any worries or concerns about the safety of our children. If you need support in helping your child, this fantastic team are on hand to answer your questions and guide you in the direction of any additional help you can access in school or externally.

11:30 Interventions

Next week we will be introducing a consistent time across the school for teachers to run interventions. This will be an opportunity to close gaps in the children’s learning and boost their confidence.

Introducing our specialist TAs ...

Kirstie Salmon

Social, Emotional, Mental Health specialist TA

“I help children in and out of class; so that they are calm and ready to learn.”

Lucy Walker

ASC specialist TA

 “I make sure that all our children’s sensory needs are met, so that they can access their learning and that they feel a sense of belonging in the classrooms.”

Car Park

The school car park has very limited space so going forward we will only be able to let parents into the car park if a blue disabled badge is held and the person who the badge relates to is in the car.

Flu Vaccinations

This year all children are being offered nasal flu vaccinations and a Ping was sent out earlier this week with details of how to access and complete the online consent form.

The vaccine will be given in school on Tuesday 31st October and will take the form of a simple spray up the nose.

It is very quick, painless and side effects are uncommon. This is designed to protect children against flu which can be an unpleasant illness and can rarely cause serious complications. By having the vaccination children are also less likely to pass the virus to friends and family. This will help to protect those at greater risk from flu such as infants, older people and those with an underlying health condition.

Secondary School Applications

Applications for secondary school places in September 2023 must be submitted by the end of October.

Please contact local secondary schools directly for details of information events they will be holding in the coming weeks.

In order for your preference to be considered, please submit your applications online by 31st October 2023

If you do not have internet access, paper forms can be handed into the school office but must be handed in by 3pm on Tuesday 31st October to ensure that the deadline is met.

For further information please visit https://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/children-and-learning/school-application-guides

Or you can apply now on by visiting:- https://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/children-and-learning/apply-school/apply-school-place




Monday 18th September                Year 1  Meet the Teacher 2.45pm

Tuesday 19th September              Year 2  Meet the Teacher 9.00am                                                  

                                                           Year 4 Meet the Teacher 2.45pm    

Thursday 21st September             Year 3 Meet the Teacher 9.00am

                                                          Year 5 Meet the Teacher 2.45pm

Monday 16th October    Individual School Photos

Tuesday 17th October    Parents Evening  - Times TBC

Thursday 19th October  Parents Evening  - Times TBC

Half Term - Monday 23rd October- Friday 27th October

Monday 30th October                  Inset Day School Closed

Tuesday 31st October                    Children return to school 8.45am

Tuesday 31st October                    Flu Vaccinations

Tuesday 31st October                    Deadline for online applications for secondary school places  (paper forms returned to school office                                                            by 3pm)


                                        PLEASE NOTE THAT DATES MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE              




























































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