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17th March 2023

Springtime, Dancing and Dinosaurs!!

It's been a busy couple of weeks in school. It is wonderful to see that our host of golden daffodils have popped up on the banks and are nodding merrily away in the wind. The reception children from Hangleton and Benfield have been on walks around our grounds looking for more signs of spring.

Children in year 1 have been busy trying to find the dinosaur that wreaked havoc in their classrooms and is now on the loose! I am not sure that they have found it, but thankfully they have discovered it is a herbivore!!

Well done to all those children in years 2 and 5 who took part in the Let's Dance festival on Tuesday evening. The children's dance was a real hit, with great choreography and fabulous costumes. Thanks to all the children that took part and to those families who came to support.

Big thanks also to the staff that organised it all, Miss Stevenson, Miss Atwell, Miss Durbin and Mrs Thomas.

Traffic Around the School

We would like to remind drivers to be careful when driving and parking around the school.

We have recently had another incident where a child was almost run over.

Please consider the safety of the children and be respectful of our neighbours when dropping off and picking up your children from school.

Thank you.

Safeguarding and Keeping Children Safe

The lead designated person for Safeguarding and Child Protection at Hangleton is Mags Newton. The deputy for safeguarding is Jenn Westwood.

They can be contacted on 01273 916213



Parents’ Evening

Parents’ Evenings will take place on:

· Wednesday 29th March 4pm – 7pm

· Thursday 30th March 3.45pm – 6.25pm

Bookings can be made via School Ping app and invitations were sent out on Monday 13th March.

Cleaner Wanted

We are looking for a cleaner for 3 hours a day from 3.15 -6.15pm.

Please enquire at the office for further information.

Previous applicants need not apply.

Anti-Racism Questionnaire

Thankyou to all of our parents and carers who responded to the recent Anti-Racism questionnaire. It will be useful to us in informing our next steps as a school community.

We want to ensure that that our school community is a place where all of our children and their families feel safe, seen, represented and listened to. We want to make the world a more equal and fairer place for all and we challenge racism in all its forms. We are All Different, All Equal, All Welcome. As part of this work, we are beginning to teach our classes about racial literacy.

We are deliberately mindful and careful that we are delivering age-appropriate content and messages which align with our school ethos of belonging and celebrating differences which form part of our PSHE curriculum.

Here is a summary of the key messages of the Racial Literacy lessons:

The aim of these lessons is to support children’s exploration of their identity and grow a sense of belonging, thereby supporting their emotional health and well-being. They support work delivered within PSHE to reflect on family diversity, gender equality and LGBT inclusion. These lessons have a particular focus on race and ethnicity and give children the opportunity to develop their confidence in using positive language to recognise and describe their skin tone as a part of their identity. Central to the purpose of these lessons is the aim to challenge possible colour blindness and to develop instead a colour brave approach so that children feel safe and confident to acknowledge and talk about skin colour differences positively. The lessons also include activities to identify and challenge mean and bullying behaviour and signpost where to get help if appropriate.  B&H

Prior to delivery of these lessons, we reflect on the needs and experiences of children in our class for whom the content of the lesson may be a trigger for difficult feelings.


  • Support children to understand that people have different skin colours because of where their ancient ancestors lived in the world and how their DNA adapted to their environment. Be clear that all people have a skin colour and tone, and actively include references to white skin and avoid seeing this as the default skin colour and all others as different to this or exotic.
  • Highlight why we need to think carefully about the language we use to describe each other so that no one ever feels put down for the colour of their skin. 
  • Try to avoid any discussion of darker to lighter skin tones and instead talk about the mixture of tones.
  • Avoid using the term fair skinned as the term tends to imply a value judgement; Always highlight the core message of the value in all skin colours and that no one skin colour is better than another. 
  • Some people use words that are associated with food as descriptors for skin tone (e.g. cinnamon, caramel) and others make a choice not to. 
  • Try to use a mixture of words and phrases and where possible engage families in devising acceptable terms prior to the lessons.
  • The term chocolate face has a history of being used pejoratively and it is very important that children learn that using words to describe skin tone or colour in a mean or insulting way is never ok or acceptable and for older children explain the link to racist behaviour. 
  • Remind child of what to do in your school if they experience or notice another child experience language and /or actions that they think are mean and bullying and how everyone has the right to feel safe all of the time (making a link with protective behaviours / Feeling Good, Feeling Safe.)

We are always happy to talk more about this work and what it means to you and your child/ren. We are sharing this because we realise you may wish to follow up these conversations at home. Please get in touch if you would like to do so.  

Kim Fryer: Director of Teaching and Learning - kimfryer@hangleton.brighton-hove.sch.uk 

End of Term Assessments

In the last two weeks of term your child's teacher will be reflecting on their class' progress. This will be through assessments, books and conversations. These also offer the children an opportunity to work in a different way and many like the chance to celebrate their learning in a silent environment. 

Please support your child by reminding them that this is for the teachers so that they can provide the best possible provision and teach the areas that the children need support in.

If you would like more details on this, please visit our assessment page on our website. 


Thursday 23rd March              -           Year 2 visit to Middle Farm

Friday 24th March                   -           Year 5 Fantastic Finish

Monday 27th March                -           Year 3 visit to the Synagogue

Wednesday 29th March          -           Parents’ Evening 4pm – 7pm

Thursday 30th March              -           Parents’ Evening 3.45pm – 6.25pm

Easter Break Monday 3rd April - Friday 14th April

Thursday 20th April                 -           Year 3 visit to Lewes Nature Reserve

Monday 24th April                  -            Year 5 visit to Brighton police cells

Monday 1st May                     -           May Bank Holiday

Monday 8th May                    -           Bank Holiday (additional holiday for Coronation)

Half Term Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June

Thursday 15th June                  -           Reception visit to Amberley Museum





























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