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The information below is a snapshot of what goes on in each subject across the school.

Our termly topic webs and knowledge organisers can also be found on the website (click here). If you would like more information on what is covered in each subject in each year then please contact our Curriculum Lead or our individual Subject Leaders at admin@hangleton.brighton-hove.sch.uk

History and Geography


Science may either form part of a topic, or be taught as a stand-alone subject. It is a fun and practical subject involving experiments and investigations, allowing children to develop their working scientifically skills. There is a key question at the heart of any lesson/ series of lessons which encourages curiosity and problem solving. Each year we also have a whole school science week that focuses on the awe and wonder of science!

Click to see our map of Science across the school


At Hangleton children have access to a spacious art room, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the creative process! Children develop their skills in different areas including drawing, painting, mixed media and printing. They have the opportunity to explore different artists from around the world and study their work. We have a whole school art week in the summer term which focuses on following a chosen skill throughout the school.

Click to see the overview of Art

design and Technology

Children follow the process of design to create a product for an intended user. We always start by looking at other products on the market and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, before designing, making and evaluating our own product. Often teachers will choose to “block” DT lessons, teaching them daily across the course of a week in order to allow the creative process to flow and for the children to become immersed in being a designer!

Click to see the overview of DT


We teach computing using the platform of Purple Mash. We have a computing suite with PCs that each year group is able to use each week, and also two iPad trollies, enabling us to choose our learning environment for each session. Each child in the school has their own login details. E-safety is taught across the school and we promote its key messages all year round.

Click here to have an insight into Purple Mash. https://www.2simple.com/purple-mash/award-winning-computing-tools/ or here to see the map of what is taught in Computing

Personal Social Health and Economic Studies

In PHSE we learn how to have happier, healthier and safer lives, now and in the future. We follow a scheme called Jigsaw which runs throughout the school, and we use this in unison with Brighton and Hove lessons to provide children with the skills that they need.

Click here to see our PSHE map

Physical Education

We are incredibly lucky at Hangleton to have our own swimming pool! All children across the school have swimming lessons with our specialist swimming teachers during the Autumn and Summer terms.

We also have an all-weather running track, and two halls and playgrounds – lots of space for PE lessons! PE happens twice weekly and we follow the resource CompletePE. We also take part in citywide events such as football and netball competitions, and have annual Sports Days for KS1 and KS2.

See our topic webs to see the PE that is taught in each year group


We have a specialist music teacher who works with all children in KS2 each week, and in KS1 music is taught by class teachers. We have a designated music room full of instruments, and we put on shows for celebrations such as Christmas and Harvest Festival. Our Year 6 show is always an all-singing extravaganza!

Click here to see the skills and knowledge taught in Music in Key Stage 1.

Click here to see the skills and knowledge taught in Music in Key Stage 2.


In KS2 our children are taught French by a specialist French teacher. The vocabulary and grammar builds each year through their time at Hangleton, often via games and songs. We are lucky enough to be able to have links with Ecole Aristide Briand in Anglet, France, providing valuable real-life context to being able to speak another language.  

Click here to see the skills and knowledge taught in French

Religious Education

RE is taught weekly across the school, following the Brighton and Hove SACRE. We immerse children in the religions of the world via enquiry-led lessons, and this knowledge builds year on year as children move through the school. These lessons link to our British Values of inclusion, and celebration of each others’ cultures and religions.

Click here to see a map of RE across the school

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