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The Government has recently published the new 2014 curriculum.
You can download the new curriculum here.

The curriculum contains the programmes of study and attainment targets that must be taught in primary schools from September 2014. Schools have the option to begin introducing aspects of the new curriculum in the current academic year. However, as year 2 pupils will be tested on the current curriculum ahead of new tests being introduced in 2016, children will probably continue to be taught using the current curriculum for the rest of this academic year.

The new curriculum is in some aspects less prescriptive and in others more prescriptive, depending on the subject. The programmes of study for the core subjects are a lot more detailed and outline what the children are to be taught in each specific year group. Non-core subjects are more slimmed down with flexibility granted to the teachers. These subjects give an outline of what is to be taught accompanied by non-statutory examples about what content is to be included.

At Hangleton we believe in an exciting, topic-based approach to the curriculum. Staff work hard to create meaningful links between the different skills taught in each subject to create interesting and coherent topics that are taught across a half term. In addition we plan lots of stimulating learning experiences for the children to help inspire and motivate them. Of course, some subjects are taught separately where meaningful links cannot be made.


Whole School Curriculum Overview. Please click the links to see the Topic Webs and Homework menus. The Trips are mapped out for the year although these may be subject to change.

Please click the link to see the Whole School Homework Overview.


  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1
 Reception  Getting to know you

 Celebrating Festivals

 Bears, Bears, Bears
 Trips  Library    Build a bear workshop
 Year 1  Animals alive  Kakuna Matata  Digging in the Dirt 1
 Trips  Drusillas    
 Year 2  Explorers 1   Explorers 2  China 1 & 2
       Chinese Day
 Year 3  Ancient Egyptians  Go with the Flow  Stone Age to Iron Age
 Trips/visitors  Walk around Brighton  Brighton Museum  
 Year 4  Chocs away  Whizz, Pop, Bang!  Invasion Nation
 Trips    Fishbourne Roman Palace  Guide dogs
 Year 5  Lotions & Potions  Ancient Greeks  Into the Unknown 1 & 2
 Year 6  Out of this World 1 & 2  Out of this World 1 & 2  A View Through Time 1 & 2
 Trips  Astrodome visit  Medieval Day visit  Natural History Museum
  Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
 Reception  Spring and Easter  We all go travelling by  Into the Woods
 Trips    Amberley Museum  Stanmer Park
 Year 1  Digging in the Dirt 2  Once upon a time - in Hangleton  
 Trips  Sainsburys

 Hangleton walk
 West Blatchington Windmill
 St. Helen's Church
 Arundel Castle

 Year 2  China 1 & 2  The Seaside  
 Beach Trip
 RNLI Visit
 Year 3  Wish you were here  The Life of Bugs  Windows of Change
 Trips    Wilderness Wood  
 Year 4  Vikings  Bon Voyage  Into the Woods
 Trips  Bluebell Railway  Groombridge Place  
 Year 5  Into the Unknown 1 & 2  A View to our World  Crime and Punishment
 Trips    Brighton prison cells
 Brighton Museum
 Year 6  A View Through Time 1 & 2    
 Trips    Residential Trip  
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