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Curriculum Areas

At Hangleton we believe in an exciting, topic-based approach to the curriculum. Staff work hard to create meaningful links between the different skills taught in each subject to create interesting and coherent topics that are taught across a half term. In addition we plan lots of stimulating learning experiences for the children to help inspire and motivate them. Of course, some subjects are taught separately where meaningful links cannot be made. For further information on the new curriculum please click here.

Topic ‘webs’ showing the topics and skills pupils will be studying are sent home each half term.


Below is a table that sets out the topics or themes covered in each year group during every term. Our themes are underpinned by the new national curriculum documents that guide our teaching, ensuring breadth of challenge and depth of learning.
Click the link to see each topic web.  

Knowledge Organiser  
  Autumn 1 2020 Autumn 2 2020  

EYFS - All about me

EYFS - celebrating festivals


 Year 1 Year 1 - Magnificent Me Year 1 - Amazing animals  
 Year 2 Year 2 - Explorers Part 1 Year 2 - Explorers Part 2  
 Year 3 Year 3 - Ancient Egypt Year 3 - Stone Age to Iron Age   
 Year 4

Year 4 - Geography

Year 4 - Science

Year 4 - Science Light and Sound  
 Year 5 Year 5 - Lotions and Potions Year 5 -  It's All Greek to Me!  
 Year 6 Year 6 - Out of this World Year 6 - War and Peace  
Topic Webs      
  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1

 Getting to know you

 Celebrating Festivals

 Bears, Bears, Bears

 Trips  Library    
 Year 1  Animals Alive!  Hakuna Matata!  Digging in the Dirt - for Dinosaurs
 Trips  Drusillas   Dinosaur Dome
 Year 2 Explorers 1 -World Wanderers  Explorers 2  China 1 & 2
Trips   Wisley Trip  Chinese Day
 Year 3 Fantastic Pharaohs  Stone Age to Iron Age Wish You Were Here 
 Trips/visitors  Walk around Brighton  Brighton Museum Synagogue Visit
 Year 4  Chocs away  Fizz, Pop, Bang!  Invasion Nation
 Trips     Roman Visitor
 Year 5  Lotions & Potions  Ancient Greeks  Into the Unknown 1 & 2
 Trips    Hindleap  
 Year 6

Out of this world

 Out of this World 1 & 2  War & Peace
 Trips  Astrodome visit  Medieval Day visit  Newhaven Fort 
  Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
 Reception  Spring and Easter  We all go travelling by  Into the Woods
 Trips    Amberley Museum  Stanmer Park
 Year 1  Digging in the Dirt - for Fruit & Veg  Out and About in Hangleton  Once Upon a Time in a Castle
 Trips  Sainsburys

 Hangleton walk
 West Blatchington Windmill
 St. Helen's Church
 Arundel Castle

 Year 2  China 1 & 2  The Seaside  The Seaside
 Beach Trip/ Rockpooling
 Year 3  Go with the flow  The World Outside Your Window -1  The World Outside Your Window -2
 Year 4  Vikings  Bon Voyage  Into the Woods
 Trips  Butser Ancient Farm    
 Year 5  Into the Unknown 1 & 2  Crime and Punishment  Crime and Punishment
 Trips    Mosque Trip  Brighton prison cells
 Year 6  A View Through Time 1 & 2  Pigs Might Fly  Dead as a Dodo
 Trips    Residential Trip "The Big Camp"  
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