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Hangleton Friends

Welcome to the Hangleton School Parents, Teachers and Friends Association, known as Hangleton Friends. Here we aim to give an overview of Hangleton Friends, money raised and what happens to it, forthcoming events, dates of meetings, how to get in touch and much more.

We are a group of parents and carers with children at Hangleton School. We meet 6 times a year and serve an essential role by organising events that raise funds for the school to buy the extras that it would not be able to afford from the normal school budget.

These events each year include:

  • Christmas Fair
  • 3 discos
  • 2 Quiz nights for adults
  • Summer Fair
  • 2 Cake sales

We have raised funds that helped towards the play park, swimming pool, climbing wall, wooden huts and play area. We buy computing equipment, and have donated money to each year group to purchase new resources linked to the new curriculum topics. We subsidise school trips, and fully fund the Reception Cuddle-me-do visit, and the Space Dome and China Day in year 2.

We would like this section of the website to be a way of communicating with you and keeping you up to date with our planned activities. We will let you know about future events, upload photos and have a calendar of what to expect during the year.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this year's events so far. Here are the details of monies raised to date in this academic year:

  • Christmas Fair - approx. £1600 (some match funding still to come in)
  • Christmas cards/mugs etc. approx. £1200
  • Junior Christmas disco - approx. £800

Plans for spending:

  • The purchase of trolleys for storing, transporting and charging the school ipads, and 2 mini macs with some Volume Licensing. Approx. £2000
  • New curriculum resources for each year group. They will be advised that this funding is for the whole year's topics, and requested to provide a breakdown of items purchased. Approx. £3500
  • Something to memorialise the school merger such as a mosaic or mural
  • Reception Cuddle-me-do visit
  • Year 2 Space Dome and China Day visits
  • Donation of £500 to each year group to subsidise trips

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How to get in touch:
If you would like to join Hangleton Friends, help out at any events or have any suggestions, please contact us via the following e-mail addresses. We are always looking for new ideas on how to raise money for the school.




We also have a Hangleton Friends facebook page - if you would like to be a member of this group please contact Charlotte.

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