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Travel Plan 2017

Our School Travel Plan is designed to support all members of the Hangleton school community in helping to increase the number of children and families choosing ‘active travel’ instead of car journeys. We hope this plan will provide families and staff with information that will allow our community to appreciate the benefits of active, sustainable travel.

By promoting sustainable and safer travel for our whole school community, we hope to achieve:

  • less cars, traffic congestion and illegal parking around the school entrances
  • healthier, happier and more active pupils, families and staff
  • less pollution around our school
  • safer walking, scooting and cycling routes to school. All our children have a right to be safe
  • a more accessible school site
  • an increasingly healthy and positive learning community.

The graph and chart below show a summary of the ways children travelled to Hangleton School.


Data collected from Hangleton schools by BHCC's School Travel Team Sustainable Mode of Travel Survey.
The "Car" figure includes cars, vans, car-sharing and park and stride.
Hangleton Infants and Juniors merged from 2015-16, percentages from previous years have been averaged.

School Context

Hangleton is a newly created primary school in a residential area on the outskirts of Brighton and Hove. The school currently accommodates up to 644 pupils. There are two main pedestrian entrances to the school; one is situated off Northease Drive, with gates at the top of the drive and at the playground entrance; the other entrance is via the main gates at the top of Dale View.

The staff car park is at the Dale View entrance which is accessed via security fob. There is no parking for parents or carers on the school site (unless under special circumstances).

There is a bike and scooter rack in the junior playground and bike racks outside the main doors for staff.

The roads around our school are very busy and congested at the beginning and end the day. Some of the concerns are that parents driving children to school often park on double yellow lines, partially on the pavements and blocking driveways, obstructing the vision and safety of others. Unfortunately, a few anti-social drivers, who do not consider the whole community, continue to park illegally on yellow lines, zig-zags and causing obstruction, such as school coaches and buses not being able to get through to allow children to disembark safely.

Dale View and Northease Drive are narrow and fairly steep roads, and irresponsible parking around the school continues to be an issue. On- street parking, if required, is freely and legally available a few minutes’ walk from the school in several nearby residential roads which have been identified by the School Council.






By promoting walking, biking and scooting to school we hope many parents will find that it is actually quicker (not to mention healthier and more fun!) to walk to school than to attempt to negotiate traffic jams and  limited parking around the school.

Safe and Healthy Travel Initiatives

  • Walk to school week
  • Year 5 Bikeability
  • Year 2 scooter training
  • Year 1 pedestrian training
  • Regular visits from Bike-it Ben
  • Bike-it crew - Hangleton pupils
  • Road safety magic show

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