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Virtual Sports Day 2020

Here are some of the fantastic photos and video clips sent in by pupils.

A big thank you to everyone who took part!




Turtles TobyTurtles Toby 4
Turtles Toby 2Turtles Toby 5
Turtles Toby 3

Kangaroos & Koalas

Koalas James
Kangaroos Smrithi

Orangutans & Toucans

Orangutans CharlieToucans Holly 2Orangutans Millie
Orangutans Millie 4Orangutans Mille 3
Toucans HollyOrangutans Millie 2

Giraffes, Lions & Zebras

Giraffes DaisyZebras Logan
Giraffes EdieLions Maya
Lions LeonaLions Scarlet


Chameleons, Geckos & Pythons

Chameleon Max.MP4
Chameleons - RonnieChameleons MaxPythons Daisy
Chameleons FreddieGeckos SammyPythons Isabel 2Pythons Isabel 3
Chameleons Max 2Geckos ZoePythons Isabel

Hello and welcome to our Virtual Sports Day!

Please click on the video message below from Mr Dower about how our Virtual Sports Day will run.

Although you can take part in our Virtual Sports Day at any time on Wednesday 15th July, you do have until 6pm on Thursday 16th July to send in your completed scorecard to your class teacher on Seesaw, or Tapestry if you are in Reception (plus any photos from the day the adults in your family would be happy for us to share on the school website). Alternatively, your scorecard can be emailed to the school office – admin@hangleton.brighton-hove.sch.uk – marked for the attention of your class teacher (e.g. FAO Mrs. Orr – Virtual Sports Day scorecard). 

Your scorecard can be downloaded here.




    Remember to record your score after each challenge.

    Achievements will be celebrated in the last Star of the Week Assembly,

    where we will announce which class, and which boy and which girl, in each year group scored the              most points.. 






The Challenges


If you are in EYFS and KS1, you have six challenges described below. 

If you are in KS2, you have these 6 challenges, plus an extra two challenges.


Please feel free to practice the challenges as much as you want before Wednesday 15th July.

Remember to warm up and stretch before doing these challenges and wear suitable footwear, like trainers.

Please also make sure you have enough space to do the challenges so you don’t hurt yourself or break any objects.

Good luck! And most of all, have fun!


Target throwing (EYFS, KS1, KS2)



Your challenge is to see how many times you can throw a toilet roll into a bucket (or get a pair of rolled up socks to land onto a tea towel) in 60 seconds, from a distance in steps equal to your age. For example, if you are 6 years old you throw 6 steps away from your target. You can use 3 toilet rolls or 3 pairs of socks before you have to go and bring them back to where you are throwing from to have another go. This is a test of speed, throwing and accuracy.


Speed bounce (EYFS, KS1, KS2)



For this challenge, if you are in Reception and KS1 you will need to use a rolled up tea towel. For children in KS2, you will need to place two toilet rolls side by side. Once you are ready, you will have 60 seconds to see how many times you can jump back and forth over the tea towel or toilet rolls. If you kick the toilet rolls over, you will need to put them back in place before you can carry on. Make sure you have someone to time you and count your jumps.


Standing long jump (EYFS, KS1, KS2)



For this challenge, you will attempt the standing long jump in line with an unravelled toilet roll, which will act as your measuring tape. You will get three jumps. Remember, you must take off and land with both feet. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, swing your arms, bend your knees and try to land leaning forwards. After each jump you must count the number of squares of toilet roll from the starting position to the furthest back point where you land (normally one of your heels). The number of squares of toilet roll that are counted on your longest jump will then be recorded on your scorecard.


Stand up / sit down (EYFS, KS1, KS2)



For this challenge, you need to sit on a chair and have your feet on the ground. Get the person timing you to say ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ and count how many times you can stand up straight off the chair and sit down onto the chair in 60 seconds. For example, if you stand up and sit down 15 times, your score is 15.


Run (EYFS, KS1, KS2)



This challenge is best done outside, so you can run as fast as you can without knocking anything over. Place 2 objects (for example 2 baked bean tins) 5 metres (m) apart on a flat, non-slip surface. Stand by one of the objects - this will be where you start from. When the person timing you shouts ‘Ready’ you need to get ready. When they say ‘Steady’ you know you are about to start. When they say ‘Go’, sprint towards the second object straight ahead, touching it with your hand before returning to your starting point. You need to do this as many times as you can in 60 seconds. Your score is the number of times you get back to the start. For example, if you go up and back 10 times in 60 seconds, your score is 10.


Not quite the egg and spoon race (EYFS, KS1, KS2)



Use the same course as for the Run, placing 2 objects 5m apart.

For this challenge, you will need a wooden spoon and a rolled up sock or a small potato (and not an egg!). Line up at the starting point with your rolled up sock or potato balancing on top of your spoon. Make sure you have one hand holding the spoon at the end of the handle and the other hand behind your back. When the person timing you shouts “Ready, Steady. . .” tilt forwards slightly and find your balance with the spoon extended slightly in front of your body. On “Go”, move as quickly as possible (walk or run) around the second object and turn carefully, before returning to your starting point. If your sock or potato falls off your spoon, you must pick it up before you can carry on. You need to do this as many times as you can in 60 seconds. Your score is the number of times you get back to the start. For example, if you go up and back 5 times in 60 seconds, your score is 5.



Scamper challenge (KS2 only)



Use the same course as for the Run, placing 2 objects 5m apart.

You will begin in the start position with one hand touching the first object and your head pointing towards the second object. When the person timing you shouts ‘Go!’, scamper forwards using your hands and feet (but not your knees) as quickly as possible until you can touch the second object with your hand. Once you have touched the second object with your hand, scamper backwards and return to the first object as quickly as possible, touching it again with your hand. Your challenge is to see how many laps you can do in 60 seconds. If you go up and down 5 times, your score is 5.


Plank challenge (KS2 only)



Someone must time how long you can hold the correct position for. Aim to keep your back and legs as straight as possible, rest your forearms and fists on the floor, and keep your feet close together. Once you can no longer keep straight or when your tummy touches the floor, your time is up.

(You will earn 5 points for less than 30 seconds, 10 points for 30-59 seconds, 15 points for 60-89 seconds, 20 points for 90-119 seconds, 25 points for 120+ seconds.)


Giraffes, Lions & Zebras

Keeping Active Activities


Below you can find lot of different ways to keep you fit and healthy at home.

Lots of the activities can be accessed by all children in school, but some activities are more suited to our younger children and some are more suited to our older children.


Click the links below to find out more:

Half Term Daily Activities - A list of great activities to try out every day this half term (suitable for KS1)

The Sussex Virtual School Games - gives children across Sussex the chance to represent their schools, and compete to be Sussex champions. Every week throughout the summer term, a different sport will take place, made up of four personal sporting challenges which can be completed from home.

Please sign up and complete the weekly challenges. You will be told how to send in your scores each week and will be able to see where our school is on the Sussex leaderboard

Visit the Active Sussex website to find all of the information about how the competition will work, the prizes up for grabs, and how to sign up.

The Youth Sport Trust has lots of resources and videos to help you continue with PE at home, maintain physical activity levels and use active learning to teach a range of other subjects during the school closures.

The PE Hub - has lots of fun fitness activities and active games to try at home.

Try to do one fitness session and play one game each week if you can.

For Fitness - Click on the Fitness tab and start with session 1.

Watch any short video clips before you start so you know what to do, 3 things to remember:

  1. Try your best
  2. Rest when you need to
  3. It’s Okay to miss out an exercise if it’s too hard

For Games – Click on the Games tab and start with game 1

The Daily Mile at Home - brings you 3 new activities each week to do as a family. And remember, if you can't go outside with members of your family to complete your Daily Mile, you all can jog or power walk on the spot for 15 minutes in your home or garden instead. You can do it whilst listening to music, or even when watching TV! 

Supermovers - learn your times tables with Premier League mascots doing different song and movement routines.

Just for Fun - has a wide variety of active videos and dance routines featuring famous faces from the Premier League and BBC.

Change for life - 10 minute shake up games to do indoors are inspired by popular Disney characters.

Daily P.E lessons with Joe Wicks  - Join me every day for a home workout aimed at kids 😀

The 5 Day Fitness Challenge -  is great way to improve fitness in only 5 days!    

Stay Active at Home Resources for Schools & Parent/Carers - A helpful list of activities for all

KEEPING ACTIVE photo gallery

We asked the pupils to send in photos of themselves trying out some of the cool ways they have been have been Keeping Active over half-term.

Check out our future sports stars in the photos below!


Archie DJennifer W-R
Georgie and Jess 2Lola and Scarlett AGeorgie and Jess J
Lola A


Amalie (2)Sophia


Chameleons Max TennisChameleons NicoleCham Ronnie map
Cham Isadora PlankChameleons MaxChameleons Lily
Cham Isadora seated PlankCham Isadora SplitsCham Hugh Diary


Hawks Khalid(2)


Panthers Francesca 2Panthers Florence 2
Panthers OliverPanthers Natalia
Panthers LaviniaPanthers Florence


Zebras Amelia
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